Illumination and Other Casualties of War

King’s is a ruthless business mogul & political lobbyist. When a cooperative of the Illuminati contacts him to decry-pt a surreptitious disk drive, he is given specific instructions to complete the deed from his residence.

Arrogant as King is he disobey’s the request, thus giving the drive to his childhood best friend Mecko who suffers consequence as a result of King’s negligence.

All the while, King is developing a deep relationship with a Jai, but she is undercover hired by an elite group of men to intercept the drive from King. The further in love he falls the more he lets his guard down around her but she is also falling in love just as quickly but her partner won’t let love happen on her watch.

Rah is going to “clean the case” at all cost. Failure is not an option.




2016 WFA Official Selection